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Functional Movement & Fitness

Functional Movement Assessment A comprehensive series of assessments are used to determine core function and strength, postural dysfunction, joint mobility, your ability to perform important movement patterns, and current fitness level. This assessment is included with all of our package training programs. $149

Corrective Stretching & Exercise Learn appropriate stretches and exercises for your body to correct imbalances and postural dysfunction while decreasing chronic aches and pains to help you reach your lifestyle goals. Training is ideal for clients who suffer with chronic pain resulting from repetitive tasks, poor body mechanics, previous injury/trauma, arthritis, joint degeneration, and joint hypermobility. It is also appropriate for older clients as well as pregnant and post-partum women.

Functional Fitness Training This self-guided movement program is designed to enhance your cardio-respiratory and metabolic function while improving posture, balance, stability, agility, flexibility, strength, power and endurance. We begin with a full assessment to ensure that the program is perfectly suited to your abilities, training environment, available time, and most importantly: YOUR GOALS. This training is designed to make your necessary everyday activities seem easy by comparison. It is a challenging and progressive program that is appropriate for anyone who is self-motivated but needs guidance.

Online Coaching and Contest Prep Now offering online coaching to help you meet your healthy lifestyle and competitive goals. Whether you are just getting started, need a jumpstart or change to get you excited about your goals, or want to push yourself to get into the best shape of your life, we can help! All you have to do is commit to a plan of action and get started!


Movement Sessions $80/hr* Get hands-on movement coaching to reach your goals! From corrective exercise and stretching, to functional fitness and athletic training, these sessions are designed around your needs. *Purchase multiple sessions and save.

12-week Online Lifestyle Fitness Makeover $499 This online program will teach you how to create healthy habits to reach your fitness goals, improve your overall health, and maintain your new lifestyle. We will determine your goals and your obstacles to achieving them, and create a program that provides you with the nutrition and exercise tools to help you reach those healthy goals. You will receive 4 video home workouts, unlimited email and text support, as well as one phone check-in per week to answer questions and make changes to your program as needed. You can get started today!

16-week Contest Prep $699 Are you interested in competing in a bikini or figure competition? This online program is designed to help you get ready for your stage debut. It's not easy being dedicated to a strict nutrition and exercise plan for weeks on end, but that is what is takes if you want to look your best on stage. You r plan will change as your body responds to the program. Inlcuded are workouts, meal recommendations, three 30-minute posing lessons, help with suit selection and stage makeup, and information and help with the entire competition process. Unlimited email and text support comes with the program, as well as one phone check-in per week to answer questions and make changes to your program as needed. Following your show, you will receive guidelines to help you avoid the rebounding that many competitors struggle with after reaching their goal. For clients needing more than 16-weeks to get stage ready, you may choose to add monthly coaching after the intitial program ends.

Bikini and Figure Contest Prep Workshop $125/pp*-Are you prepping for a bikini or figure competition but really aren't sure about the posing, hair, makeup, suit selection, or what happens backstage in the hours before your show? Let us take the mystery and stress out of your prep so you can enjoy the experience with confidence! Includes one 60-minute discussion about the basids, and 4 group posing sessions to get you prepared for the big day!

Monthly Coaching $199 After you have completed your initial lifestyle or contest prep program, you may continue your journery on a monthly basis.

Prices are subject to change at any time. Please note that equipment and other items may be required to participate in these programs and are not included in the pricing. Results vary and are in no way guaranteed. 100% Client compliance to any plan is expected for best results. By purchasing a program you are agreeng to release us from any liability that may arise from participating in our program.

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